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Dear Crossovering Writer...
Hello, and thank you for volunteering to create a gift for the Crossovering exchange. I'm delighted that we share similar fandoms and interests and hope that you have fun creating a gift for me.
Don't tell anyone, but the sad truth is that I am super-easy. :) I especially love love love love LOVE crossovers, so really, you can't go wrong here. Write a story that you enjoy writing and I'm sure I'll love it and enjoy reading it. In an effort to help, I'll tell you my general likes/dislikes and also give a few prompts for the requested fandom combos.

But above all, have fun. If you find that the suggestions feel like a burden, then ignore them and write something that interests you. True passion shines through and makes a story special.

And I have to say - handwave all you need to get the universes crossed over. Don't feel like you have to write 1000 words of setup to get the characters in the right places. One line in a summary to set the scene is all I need!

I like...
angst, UST, longing looks, the 5+1 format, long-repressed feelings that explode one day, kid fic, roads not taken in canon, zombies, wacky road trips, old friends, handsome strangers, ghost stories, crazy decisions that are right even though they seem so very wrong, 2nd person narratives, porn that reveals more than just naked bodies, unreliable narrators, opening your presents on Christmas Day rather than Christmas Eve, and long deep slow kisses that last three days.

I do not want..
passivity, first-person narration, incest, non-con, non-canon slash, porn without plot, child death or grevious injury, and misusing the words less and fewer.

What I love about each of the items that appear in my requests:

Leverage - I love the team dynamic and the witty banter. Eliot is my favorite but I really love them all.

Supernatural - I've only seen SPN up to the end of Season 5. I love the dynamic between Sam and Dean and their banter. I also love Castiel.

Harry Potter - I think the Goblet of Fire is my favorite of the books. I love the richness of Rowling's wizard world. I like all the sympathetic characters.

Veronica Mars - Haven't watched this in ages, but I loved the moodiness and sense of place of Neptune. I liked Veronica's scrappiness and shipped her like-whoa with Logan. I also loved her friendships with Wallace and Mack.

The Martian - Mark Watney is such an inspiring smart-ass.  I love his sense of humor and his calm, rational mindset.

Jessica Jones - I love the moodiness and sense of place in this series. I also love Jessica's smart mouth and her relationship with Tricia. Kilgrave was an awesome baddy.

Orange is the New Black: My goodness, how I love the awesome characters in this show. My favorite characters are Miss Rosa, Poussey, Taystee, Red, Nicky, Daya, Gloria, and Stella.

Parks and Recreation: Leslie - you have to love her energy and enthusiasm. And of course, I am wild about her sweet friendship with Ann.

Star Wars: The Original Trilogy movies are my first fannish obsession, and Princess Leia was always one of my favorites. I loved The Force Awakens too, which was pretty easy to do since it was practically a remake and love note to the original trilogy. Favorite characters are Leia, Han, Rey, Finn, BB8, R2D2, and Chewbacca.

As I'm reading over what I've written, I realize that it's the characters and their relationships that kindle my love for a show, book, or movie. (I suspect this interest is why I tend not to love movies, because the condensed time frame doesn't give me enough time to fall in love with the characters.)

General prompts that would apply to any combo:

  • A natural or manmade disaster strikes and characters must work together to save themselves and others

  • AU - The Zombie Apocalypse strikes - what is life like and how do the characters manage?

  • Wacky roadtrip, a la "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles"

  • Character backstories - I love a good backstory, especially when it has crossover implications

  • The road not taken...what happens when a character makes a different decision than in canon. How does the story (and more importantly, the character) change as a result of the decision.

Request-specific prompts:

Star Wars - All Media Types, The Martian - All Media Types, Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling

  • What if the Millenium Falcon blasted into hyperdrive, but ended up on Mars?

  • What if a bad batch of flue powder sent some wizards into either the Star Wars universe or to Mars?

Star Wars - All Media Types, Leverage, Supernatural

  • Leverage and Supernatural were made to crossover. :)

  • The Supernatural guys are tricked into a portal, that takes them to the Star Wars universe. They enlist the services of a certain shady smuggler to get back to their Earth. (Zomg, the idea of Dean and Han together is comedy gold.)

  • Handwave to get the Leverage crew into the Star Wars universe, then tell me about how the Leverage team stole the Empire for their client Leia.

Jessica Jones (TV), Leverage, Veronica Mars - All Media Types

  • Jessica is on the run in California, and bumps into Veronica Mars. What happens next?

  • The new Nate-less Leverage team recruits a private detective to help them with their cases.

  • Season 1 Veronica Mars enlists the Leverage team to help her steal back her town.

Leverage, Orange is the New Black, Parks and Recreation

  • Leslie and Ann start a prison education program.

  • The Leverage team has a stopover in Pawnee when they unexpectedly find a case.

  • The Leverage team has a new client inside Litchfield correctional and they need to send one of their own in to keep an eye on things.

I hope these idea help spark something for you. Good luck!


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